ARCA/MCA Southern California Committee Members

Board of Directors Term
Baker, John 2021-2024
Cuevas, Juan 2022-2025
Flores, Ken 2023-2026
Gallagher, Mike 2022-2025
James, Cheryl N/A
Lake, Robert 2021-2024
Miles, David 2022-2025
Reed, Michael 2021-2024
Steinmetz, Craig 2023-2026
Voytko, David 2021-2024
Executive Committee  
Baker, John President
Gallager, Mike Vice President
James, Cheryl Executive Director
Lake, Robert Secretary
Reed, Mike Treasurer
Miles, David Past-President

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry Joint Benefit Trust Funds (ACRT)

Board of Trustees Administrative Benefits Audit & Collections
Baker, John Flores, Ken Buchanan, Todd Baker, John
Buchanan, Todd James, Cheryl Flores, Ken Buchanan, Todd
Flores, Ken Wright, Lonnie James, Cheryl James, Cheryl
James, Cheryl    
Lake, Robert    
Wright, Lonnie
  Appeals Building Corp Investment
  Baker, John James, Cheryl Flores, Ken

James, Cheryl

Lake, Robert James, Cheryl

Wright, Lonnie

  Lake, Robert

Joint Journeymen and Apprentice Training Center (JJATC)

Board of Trustees Apprentice Journeyman Mechanical MES
Buchanan, Todd Buchanan, Todd Flores, Ken Gomez, Alfonso
Geith, David Figuerora, Jeff James, Cheryl   Porras, Anthony
Grumbles, Dan James, Cheryl Stearns, Henry  Tickenoff, Dave
James, Cheryl  Prouty, Harry  Walters, Matt Vasquez, Fernando
Miles, Dave Voytko, David    
Steinmetz, Craig      

Voytko, David

Cuevas, Juan      
Tully, Nick      
James, Cheryl      
Zornes, Bill      


Inland Refrigeration Benefit Trust Funds                  Inland Training JAC

Board of Trustees
Geith, David
James, Cheryl
Olivarria, Mark
Reed, Michael
Committee Members
James, Cheryl
Messner, Dan
Shaw, Todd
Zaide, Pip

P.I.P.E. / N.I.T.C.                                                       San Diego Training JAC

Board of Trustees
James, Cheryl

Committee Members
Bates, David
Cuevas, Juan
James, Cheryl
Wright, Lonnie

All Names listed are Management Trustees
or Management Committee Members


ARCA/MCA Southern California
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