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The Airconditioning, Refrigeration and Mechanical Contractors Association of Southern California (ARCA/MCA Southern California) provides a great many benefits to its membership, benefits that are provided at no additional cost beyond that which you currently pay under the collective bargaining agreement. The Association provides the infrastructure necessary to the airconditioning, refrigeration and mechanical contracting industry to ensure that each of the member companies are represented during the day-to-day operations of the Joint Industry Health and Welfare Funds, Pension Funds and Training Centers. The Association represents its membership on the Construction Legislative Council (CLC) and provides political resources in Sacramento to advance the issues important to our industry, as well as a Sacramento based representative to assist all member contractors with any California State License Board issues.

The Association provides representation with respect to all labor relations issues as well as all grievance matters. In addition to these benefits, there are a host of other programs offered to member companies, such as educational and safety programs. We offer peer group programs, such as the Service Managers Roundtable, to assist in providing alternative solutions to the many problems encountered by contractors in our marketplace.

ARCA/MCA Southern California membership of nearly 80 companies is located throughout Southern California. Association members share membership in the Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA) and the Mechanical Service Contractors of America (MSCA). This affiliated membership with MCAA and MSCA provides many additional educational and training programs specific to our industry. Members are kept up to date on various industry issues by way of the website, newsletters, mailings, and industry meetings. For more information on how Association membership can benefit your company contact the ARCA/MCA Southern California office.


ARCA/MCA Southern California
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