ARCA/MCA Southern California  Mission Statement

The Mission of the Airconditioning, Refrigeration and Mechanical Contractors Association of Southern California, Inc. (ARCA/MCA Southern California) is to exceed the expectations of the Association's member companies. The Association will provide a link of communication that will address, advance, and inform the Association membership of the latest updates on legislation, technology, and issues pertinent to the Airconditioning, Refrigeration and Mechanical Contracting Industry. The success of the Association in achieving this Mission is to be based on integrity and loyalty to its members. We will strive to be diligent and flexible by supplying services the membership needs to be competitive in an ever-changing business environment.

ARCA/MCA Southern California  History

On October 16, 1939, the Airconditioning and Refrigeration Contractors Association of Southern California (ARCA) was established. The first Executive Director of ARCA was Henry Ely, a Los Angeles Attorney specializing in the construction industry. Shortly thereafter, on January 1, 1940, the first collective bargaining agreement between United Association Local 508 and ARCA was signed. This Agreement provided for a work jurisdiction of all aspects of heating, ventilation, airconditioning, and refrigeration. This scope of work included all HVACR work: service, remodel, construction, and all other related type work. Today’s Southern California ARCA contract with the United Association can be traced back to this 1940 collective bargaining agreement. Presently, ARCA has several collective bargaining agreements throughout Southern California with the United Association. In the late 1970’s, ARCA became associated with the Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA and MSCA), hence today’s ARCA/MCA Southern California. During its long history, ARCA has had four Executives, Henry Ely, James Burge, Richard J. Sawhill and, Cheryl James.


ARCA/MCA Southern California
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